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BoaGrip™ Rigging Sling

U.S. Patent #6,601,890
and Patents Pending

Stock # BG1900-12-54 &


Stock # BG2900-15-70

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All BoaGrip™ rigging slings feature patent SuperStick polymer traction bars, for fast, tight grip. Plus the unique Double-D™ stainless steel master link, to prevent twisting, binding, or bunching.

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Model BG400-12-54
Model BG400-15-70
Model BG1900-12-54
Model BG 1900-15-70
Model BG 2900-15-70



Until now, the only way to get a good grip on the shaft of a tapered pole was to spend time rigging up a clamping device. Safe Shop Tools has solved this rigging problem by bonding patented slip-resistant polymer traction bars to a nylon rigging sling, using a proprietary process. When the BoaGrip rigging sling is slipped around a pole and pulled taught, these SuperStick™ grippers are forced onto the pole’s surface; more force produces an even tighter grip. And the unique “squeezing” action saves time and manpower, because now crews can simply pick a spot anywhere above the “tipping point”, rig the sling, and be ready to lift. Without clamping. And without jerry rigging.

This superior grip is further enhanced by a unique stainless steel Double-D™ master link that’s sewn onto the lifting end of the BoaGrip rigging sling. A conventional nylon rigging sling has a simple sewn “eye” at either end; one eye slips through the other to form a choker, but the rigging sling has to be slightly twisted. By comparison, the BoaGrip rigging sling’s Double-D link ensures that the gripping surface is held flat all around the pole.

  • Stock # BG1900-12-54 working length - Rated capacity 1,900 Lbs
  • Stock # BG1900-15-72 working length - Rated capacity 1,900 Lbs
  • Stock # BG2900-15–72” working length - Rated capacity 2,900 Lbs
  • Custom Available Upon Request
  • Sizing Chart BG1900-12-54.pdf
  • Sizing Chart BG1900-15-70.pdf
  • Sizing Chart BG2900-15-70.pdf
BoaGrip™ rigging sling for tapered utility poles

BoaGrip™ rigging sling for tapered utility poles


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