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Gas Cylinder Sling - Model BG400-15-70


BoaGrip™ Rigging Slings

U.S. Patent #6,601,890
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Stock # BG400

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All BoaGrip™ rigging slings feature patent SuperStick polymer traction bars, for fast, tight grip. Plus the unique Double-D™ stainless steel master link, to prevent twisting, binding, or bunching.

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Model BG400-12-54
Model BG400-15-70

Model BG1900-12-54
Model BG1900-15-70 Model 2900-15-70


Safe Shop Tools has engineered a tough nylon gas cylinder sling that makes it easy to lift, carry and suspend compressed gas cylinders. No more rolling, sliding or wrestling gas cylinders around your shop. Unlike chains, BoaGrip cylinder slings won't slip or damage the cylinder surface. The BoaGrip cylinder sling provides a secure handle, making it a one-man job to move the gas cylinder to the welding or cylinder cart. The BoaGrip cylinder sling is safe and easy to use. Simply loop the BoaGrip cylinder sling over the gas cylinder and pull tight. It adjusts to all common compressed gas cylinder sizes from 4" to 15" in diameter. Molded urethane gripper bars provide traction, yet remain flexible, so they hold the nylon sling in place securely, leaving your hands free to slide the sling's lifting eye over a load hook. The stainless steel oval ring features an additional welded inner link that prevents the sling from bunching and allows for a smooth upward transition. If your crew is handling compressed gas cylinders, then BoaGrip cylinder slings belong in your shop or plant.

  • Rated capacity 400 lbs.
  • Tested on wet and dry cylinders up to 2,000 lbs.
  • Safe to use and prevents back injury
  • Sizing Chart BG400-15-70.pdf

BoaGrip Rigging Slings for gas cylinders

Loop the BoaGrip Cylinder Sling over the cylinders.

Tighten BoaGrip Rigging Sling

Pull the BoaGrip Cylinder Sling tight .

BoaGrip Rigging Sling placed over load hook

Place BoaGrip Cylinder Sling lifting eye over load hook.

BoaGrip Rigging sling lifting gas cylinderS

Good to go.


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