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BoaGrip™ Rigging Slings

BoaGrip™ Gas Cylinder Slings BoaGrip™ Model BG400 rigging slings for gas cylinders in manufacturing locations
BoaGrip™ model BG400-15-70 gas cylinder sling is used on compressed gas cylinders
in manufacturing locations
US Patent # 6,601,890 and Patents Pending

All BoaGrip™ nylon slings feature patented SuperStick polymer traction bars, for fast, tight grip. Plus the unique Double-D™ stainless steel master link, to prevent twisting, binding,or bunching.

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Model BG400-12-54
Model BG400-15-70
Model BG-1900-12-54
Model BG 1900-15-70
Model BG 2900-15-70






BoaGrip™ Model BG400-12 rigging sling for lifting gas cylinders into service trucks
BoaGrip™ model BG400-12-54 gas cylinder slings for positioning gas cylinders on service trucks
US Patent # 6,601,890 and Patents Pending

BoaGrip™ Model BG1900 – BG1900-12 rigging sling for lifting tapered utility poles
BoaGrip™ model BG1900-12-54 - BG1900-15-70 and BG2900-15-70 specialized rigging sling for tapered utility poles
US Patent # 6,601,890 and Patents Pending

The BoaGrip Advantage.

True to its name, the The BoaGrip™ nylon sling has a remarkably firm grasp. That’s because it was developed as the first adjustable rigging tool for hard-to-handle compressed gas cylinders. But the BoaGrip is not just a cylinder sling; it works equally well for rigging stainless steel pipe, rigging chrome shafts, rigging hydraulic cylinders, and rigging utility poles.

The BoaGrip works better on more surfaces because it’s a rigging tool with a difference: Unlike other nylon slings, it has an inner surface that’s lined with polymer grippers, each one permanently bonded through a proprietary process.

The fact is, until the BoaGrip nylon sling appeared, nylon slings in general had a rigging problem: They provided no way to get a good, quick grip on the shaft of cylindrical object. Rigging tapered utility poles was a particular problem, because traditional nylon slings would simply slide up the shaft. The BoaGrip nylon sling provides a rigging solution thanks to its proprietary polymer grips. Their unique “squeezing” action saves time in most rigging situations. For instance, if a crew is rigging a light pole, they can now simply pick a spot anywhere above the “tipping point,” fasten the sling, and lift. Crews no longer have to use improvised rigging tactics like clamping a truck boom to the shaft of the pole.

This innovative below-the-hook rigging sling comes in a standard 70-inch version and also a 52-inch model that’s handy for jobs in tight spaces, for instance, rigging and lifting a hydraulic cylinder onto a truck bed. Compared to the average nylon sling, the BoaGrip nylon sling has an aggressive, active grip. In rigging situations, it acts like a high-tech lasso: When it’s pulled taut, its polymer grips are forced onto the surface of the object. The grip of this remarkable nylon sling is further enhanced by a unique stainless steel link which ensures that the gripping surface is held flat all the way around the object, without twisting.

In short, when it comes to nylon slings for rigging jobs, nothing outgrips the BoaGrip.

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